B2B marketing professionals responsible for content marketing have long struggled to produce the content necessary to engage and retain interested prospects and to get noticed in the noise of the crowded internet marketing space. Over time, as “offers” ceased to produce, content marketing has become the B2B marketing holy grail.

It’s difficult, if not near impossible, to have all the content skills needed within your team, as a mix of content requires a mix of skills. Hard for the smaller firms to have all of the skills needed on staff. It may be easier to develop a content strategy and execute using outside professionals, experts on their specialties.

What’s the answer? Call in professionals to do the work. Assemble a team of content writers, graphic artists, video and voiceover people to work for you. Have them develop a strategy, a content calendar and send it off to execute it.

Most organizations can’t add the staff necessary to fully execute a content strategy. You could pay top dollar to have custom content written by your marketing and PR agencies. You could retain freelancers. At the end of the day, you still have to manage the process.

Why not off-load the entire content development process? Work on the strategy end and have the content developed and delivered without taking up everyone’s time. This way, you focus on marketing the product while we take care of creating content.

We’re challenging the old adage “you can never have enough content.”