For all industries, attending a conference once a year can ensure that you stay up to date on the most recent trends within your market. In the field of content marketing, attending conferences is crucial to your success. Only at this live events will you not only gather the most recent intel but also you will get a chance to spread your name (a.k.a. personal brand), shake some hands and also scope out what your competition might be doing. Below are some of the top Conference for content marketing.

Dreamforce is the big daddy of marketing conferences, taking place in San Francisco California on November 6-9, 2017. Last year’s event attracted around 170,000 attendees and literally takes over the city of San Francisco. With so many session, you are sure to find one that talks directly to you. Dreamforce usually is a killer conference and good time (great bands!!) conference with the focus on B2B Marketing.

Intelligent Content Conference is constructed by the Institute of Content Marketing in Las Vegas. A little more on the pricy side with tickets ranging between 700-800 bucks, but you are sure to get your fill of knowledge. The main keynote speakers are Karen McGrane, Andrea Ames and Robert Rose who are all well renowned in the marketing field.

Adobe Summit tends to be more a technical workshop. This is where Adobe and over 5000 different marketing companies get a chance to flex their wings and show you there products. Playing with different tools and resources, you will better discover how to master your craft of marketing. To be held March 19-23, 2017, Las Vegas.

Social Media Marketing World is exactly what it sounds like, a Chicago based conference strictly around marketing in social media. Strategy talk seems to consume a lot of the talks and companies like Facebook and Microsoft usually will make an appearance.

SMX Advanced is a rare marketing conference that is primarily focused around educating Marketing veterans on search engine marketing. The need to understand search engines will drive many folks to spend their time at these conferences.  They have both East and West versions and many international conferences to choose from.

Impact17 is the signature event of the Internet Marketing Association.  The US version is held annually in Las Vegas, at the Aria Campus.  Impact is known for its great speakers and top-level networking among industry-leading marketing professionals.  Attendees also seem to like the extraordinary nighttime events at the conference.

Conversion Conference is last but not least, this is a great all around conference covering topics like social media, email ecommerce and even psychology. If you have gone through this entire list and are still confused about which one to go to, then maybe this is one for you. Being able to take something away is most important and the conversion conference will guarantee you just that.  Takes place in Las Vegas in April.